Hello my pretties, I haven’t posted in a while only because life interrupted my shooting time. But today, I saw four different types of Mushrooms growing 3 feet apart. I wondered at the coincidence of it all but Mother Nature never makes mistakes.

cmush box

I spotted this box 3 blocks away from my Mushroom discovery but again, no mistake in finding it.


I came across these ‘dark chocolate’ Mushrooms first – at first glance I assumed it was something else 😦 since there are a lot of dogs in the area…if you catch my drift…lol


Next were these ‘pancake shaped’ Mushrooms. The look lightly browned & gently kissed by the sun.


Then another patch of these lovely ‘chocolate truffles’ Mushrooms…lol


And last but not least were these pretty common lovely Mushrooms..

I’m going to do some homework & see what the scientific name for each one of these. Which one is eatable??? Hmmm…

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