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So, I came across a 90’s Comedy video that included a stand up session from Steve Harvey – honies let me tell you, this man looked like he rolled out of bed in his suit & ran on stage. There are some difference in his appearance from then to now…LOL

Copyrighted SSP - Steve Harvey's large suit

Obviously he didn’t have a special tailor or a line of suits back then. Because this suit can fit 3XXL men & still have room for him (once you stretch out the wrinkles…lol)

Copyrighted SSP - Steve Harvey's Bald spot

What HIGHTOP fade?? He had a serious BALD SPOT the size of the Grand Canyon…lol

Copyrighted SSP - Steve Harvey's pre-Veneers

Veneers, veneers…boy what a difference in dentists – from a Colgate toothbrush to Teeth to the stars…lol

These are a few snapshots I took from that video – laugh out loud! Boy money can upgrade anyone!