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Chicken manure (© Brian Carter/Getty Images)

The city of Abbotsford, British Columbia, recently apologized for a somewhat strident antihomeless measure: They dumped a truck load of chicken manure in a popular homeless gathering place to drive them away.

“I am deeply sorry for our actions,” said city manager George Murray in a statement.

The City will be removing the manure from the site and working closely with our community partners and the people impacted over the next few days to collectively resolve this issue.”

Of course, as anyone can tell you, chicken manure smells absolutely awful, and so they removed it after residents complained, and also noted that it was a pretty crappy thing to do to the homeless.

A local pastor called the move obscene: “The most marginalized, the most vulnerable citizens are getting kicked and not given the chance to recover and get back up,” he said. Also, everything smelled like chicken crap.