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Sofia Vergara laughed off the incident, tweeting a photo of her rear with the caption, “Yes!!!! This happend 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!”

Beyonce must not have factored in the wind machines when she performed in Tokyo a few years ago. It was also enough to blow her dress up above modesty levels, and unfortunately for the singer, cameras were there to capture the whole upskirt incident.

Although you only see one instance on the left, Paris Hilton might be the queen of the nip slip.

Nicki Minaj wore a tight-fitting, skimpy top while dancing around on stage, you might expect some slippage.

Britney Spears has had trouble exiting vehicles gracefully. The paparazzi has snapped plenty of shots of the pop star’s lower lady area on her way out of various back seats.

Mother nature can be a sneaky beast, as Kirsten Dunst found out after a day at the beach. One rough wave and it was goodbye bikini top, hello birthday suit.

Halle Berry got an extra six figures for going topless in Swordfish, but if you were on the set of her new movie, she did it for free (accidentally, of course).

Oh Jessica Alba, you got fooled by the sheer just like Rihanna.

Nancy Grace isn’t exactly someone you consider when you think of flashing (or who we want to see), but the whole country got an eyeful when Grace popped out after one of her Dancing with the Stars performances.

Katie Hudson fell victim to a recurring wardrobe malfunction with her own backless, baggy top mishap.