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I’m sorry but its funny to read this article that should-be been titled: Woman with two bankruptcies and many foreclosures charges her KIDS rent!

Now, in my mind, I’m thinking how can you teach your kids something you don’t do!! lol

Toni Braxton/WENN

via MSN Entertainment:

Singer-turned-reality TV regular Toni Braxton charges her young sons rent to help them learn how to budget for their future. The “Braxton Family Values” star reveals she’s already started training her kids for the real world by taking a minimal fee from Denim, 11, and 9-year-old Diezel’s weekly allowance.

 But even that’s too much for her boys. She explains, “I charge them rent. I give them allowance. Denim gets $15. Diezel gets $10 a week. They have to take out the trash, do all these things, but I make them pay me rent. Diezel pays $1, Denim pays $1.50. I swear to god, Diezel pays a 50 cents for utilities. Denim pays 25 cents for utilities, for cable … I charge them! So they give me, like, $3 a week out of their allowance. I told them one day you’ll have to pay rent, so I’m helping you. They get upset, ‘$3 a week mom? $3?!'”

I guess she wants to stop them from making her mistakes….SMH!