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Lena Dunham needs some jewerly, accessories, bedazzle…something to brighten up this outfit of pale!

Emma Watson is usually a delight to look at but in this outfit…its dreadful – good girl gone horribly wrong!

Jessica Biel has a horrible sense of fashion…it must be the $$ that attracted J.T….lol

Wow Elle Fanning is determined to have a weird sense of humor…I would’ve laughed to if someone asked me to wear that outfit!!

Kirsten Dunst….lol This chick is always on the WTH was she thinking list??? The back has more sex appeal than the front..walk backwards everywhere girl.

Katherine McPhee has turned the fabric of a Disco ball into a ill-fitting suit…lol

This dress just swallows Famke Janssen body…its like a blue swan is emerging from her chest!!

Naomi Watts is still living on the King Kong set…the dress looks like something tore from his hands.