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It’s one thing for a freshman to start on a varsity basketball team, an accomplishment which is notable but  not completely unique. What Julian Newman has accomplished is quite a bit more out of the ordinary: He’s starting on a varsity basketball squad while still in elementary school.

As first noted by MaxPreps, Orlando (Fla.) Downey Christian High’s basketball team features an 11-year-old, 4-foot-5 point guard who is only in the fifth grade. As alluded to above, his name is Julian Newman, and he can flat-out play.

If you’re still on the fence about Newman (who is nicknamed “Handles”) after seeing the highlight reel above, his stats can help sway opinion as well. The youngster currently leads the state of Florida in assists-per-game average with 11.5 per contest, a rate which is also the 19th best in the entire country on MaxPreps’ statistical standings. He is average 13.5 points per game. On Wednesday he finished just two assists short of a double-double against Orlando (Fla.) Agape Christian School, totaling 14 points, eight assists and three steals in a 79-65 loss.

Downey Christian is coached by Newman’s father, Jamie Newman, who decided that his son was ready for prime-time prep action even though he had yet to set foot in a middle school classroom. In Florida, the younger Newman’s age is irrelevant, as the only thing that determines a player’s eligibility is how many seasons he has already completed.