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‘Oldies’ shows off his tattoos by artist Josh Lin during the International London Tattoo convention in London on Sept. 28. ITS NOT TO BAD BUT WHOSE THE DUDE WITH THE LONG MUSTACHE??

Shoe designer Chen Mingzhi lies inside his handmade 6.23-foot shoe at his family store in Wenling, China. Mingzhi spent two months making the giant shoe in pursuit of a world record.  WHY??? ITS LOOKS NICE BUT REMINDS ME OF A OPEN FACED COFFIN!

BASE jumper Eder Navacerrada leaps off Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia on Sept. 27. WHAT A LEAP BUT OMG WHAT A CLEAR VIEW BEHIND HIM.

South Korean special army soldiers show off their martial arts skills near Seoul on Tuesday. The rehearsal was to prep for the country’s Armed Forces Day celebration on Oct. 1. EVERYBODY WAS KUNG-FU FIGHTING!


A diver swimming under the ice inside the Arctic Circle is silhouetted by the glow of the northern lights above. WOW!! ITS LOOKS LIKE HE’S BEING EATEN ALIVE BY THE GREEN GLOOB!


The eye is credited with defining an individual. It can reveal whether a person is warmhearted, neurotic or impulsive and comes in different sizes and colors. THE WINDOW TO OUR SOUL RESEMBLES MARS!