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Only 12 & already a wife: Zali Idy poses in her bedroom in a remote village of Hawkantaki, Niger. Severe food shortages in Niger are forcing families to marry off girls at even younger than normal age. WOW!!

UK military personnel jump through flames during a preview of the 2012 British Military Tournament in Hyde Park, London. THE OLD QUESTION: WHICH IS FASTER, THE HORSE OR THE MACHINE?

A Nepalese artist appears with his face painted in protest outside Katmandu, Nepal, on Thursday. The protesters demanded safety for Nepalese artist Manish Harijan, who has received death threats over his depiction of Hindu deities. IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH A THING OF THE PAST??

Fourth-graders take turns entering what is most likely Germany’s smallest museum in Dreiluetzow. I HOPE THIS DOESN’T TEACH THE KIDS TO READ THE WALLS IN BATHROOM STALLS!

Adventure photographer Kamil Tamiola climbs in an ice cave in the French Alps. This climbing can be very dangerous because the caves constantly change shape as the ice melts & freezes. NOW THAT’S BEING APART OF YOUR ART.

Eight players compete in a Texas Hold ’em contest surrounded by sharks at an aquarium in the Fujian Province of China. The contest lasted one hour and 29 minutes. NEVER MIND THE SHARK ACROSS THE TABLE, BEWARE OF THE SHARK AT YOUR FEET!