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Ryan Reynolds’ eight pack + his manly hairs is scrumptous…

Michael Phelps…his body is Olympic gold but the way he wears those speedos is addictive to the eyes…jeez, I wish they would fall a little lower.. ūüėČ

Kate Upton doesn’t have any defining cuts but I guess she’s Bunny tempting to the men..

Ryan Gosling’s packs are a perfect addition to his handsome face!

Chris Hemsworth has a body of a Greek God…a little tan would make him a statue from heaven…he can hammer me anytime…lol

David Beckham….dang – I wish I was that surfboard, that’s all I can say…mmmmm

Scarlett Johansson was named one of the Hottest Women of All time..must be the bathing suit!

Djmon Hounsou and Kimora Lee are a hot couple strolling in Hawaii with their son Kenzo!

Look at the booty on that male Judy – DWade and Gabby are enjoying the waters in Miami Beach.

Daniel Craig has a chest that you can hold on to in place of ‘floaties’…

Honies, I thought Linsday¬†Lohan¬†was Elizabeth Taylor…wow..she has an old face on a young body! Wth?

Lady Gaga has a slight muffin top in her risque¬†outfit…hmmm so not sexy lil monsters.

Bethanny Frankel flaunts her toned body in her tiny bikini..Baby fat? What baby fat?

Shemar¬†‘Give me more’ Moore…hot dang, I think¬†I just drooled on my keyboard…!

LeBron James shows off his power chest & arms…lickable!