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Celebs were out during fashion week..some dressed good, some ugly and some should stay after the shows for serious fashion tips!

Either Kelly Osbourne is losing weight or her ponytail on top of her head is pulled really really tight. Co-starring beside Joan Rivers should be a great lesson on what not to wear!

Rachel Zoe’s dresses just fall right off her…someone please tell her a little curve never hurt any woman’s body!

Wow…David Beckham…plain tshirt and jeans, really? I guess Victoria wasn’t home to dress him that night..lol  He’s still handsome even if he’s in a brown paperbag! 🙂

Babies, Kevin Jonas has borrowed a Sir Elton John shirt (in all sense of the meaning)..silky, tight & LOUD!! I almost didn’t see his wife, Danielle standing next to him.

Jennifer Hudson actually walked the runway for Project Runway.  I like the jumper but not the jacket together…by the way does this chick sing anymore???

Paula, Paula, Paula…please report backstage after the show for your personal fashion tips…she’s a hot cougar one day and a freaking granny the next!!

Andy Cohen is taking a fashion tip from Ben Matlock’s (Andy Griffin, bless his soul) book…except his suits are all brown. Don’t be so glum chum!

Stacy Keibler nailed it in this dress…Stacy please introduce yourself to Paula Abdul RITE NOW!

Orphan Annie (Hailee Steinfeld) is alive and kicking with her Great-Grandma shoes on…and she’s found a BFF in Kelly .

Kristin Dunst…bless her heart, she tries so hard to impress with her dress but I truly believe she’s a hippie/flower child at heart.