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Photo of child in fapswhiledriving's post on Reddit on i.imgur.com (©http://i.imgur.com/IgyiE)

He wanted to POP-UP, he didn’t know he couldn’t POP back down!

A young child with his head stuck in a school chair (© Ebaums World, http://aka.ms/stuck-in-chair)

They double-dared me…I had to do it.

A young child stuck in a toilet (© Ebaums World, http://aka.ms/stuck-in-toilet)

The water got me..the water got me…

A young boy stuck in the railing on a set of stairs (Via Tumblr user Thunderwear, http://aka.ms/stuck-in-railing)Urgh, why did I try this during the busiest hour…my hips don’t lie!~

Devin Heskin stuck in a vending machine (© Heidi Haskin/AP Photo)

Why play the machine when I can crawl in and get any toy I want!

A young boy stuck in a chair (Via Imgur, http://imgur.com/gallery/7Z1M3)

This NEVER happened to Superman on TV