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A patient suffering from facial paralysis undergoes acupuncture treatment.


A woman swallows a live fish dipped in herbal medicine. The medicine is said to cure asthma and respiratory problems.


A man takes a bath in mud and mineral water which contains 28 different types of minerals. Soaking in them is said to cure vein diseases, rheumatism and vision disorder.


A therapist holds a bee while it stings a patient. Bee stings are used to treat patients with ailments such as cancer, paralysis and hypothyroidism. Bee venom is reputed to boost the immune system.

A woman undergoes cupping treatment as another patient waits her turn. Cupping is said to remove toxins, stress and tension from the body. And also used to treat colds.


In Rawa Buaya residents lay on the train tracks in the beliefs that the electrical energy will cure various ailments.


A doctor ignites dried moxa during a traditional acupunture to cure headaches and insomnia.