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Pharrell Williams & Smokey Robinson

Pharrell is rumored to be the son of the Motown Legend…they do have that sex appeal and musical genius.

Omar Gooding & Cuba Gooding Jr.

There are some really strong similaries between these two that makes one think they are brothers and not just the name…look at the hair line, the nose and the shape of the face..hmmmm

LMFAO & Berry Gordy

Its said LMFAO are the nephews of Berry Gordy…making music is in the blood.

Aaliyah & Gladys Knight

It was kept on the low low that Gladys is the Aunt of the late Aaliyah. I can see it.

Stacey Dash & Damon Dash

Some people say they are siblings, while others say they are cousins. I think they are cousins only because they are about the same age.

Ajak Deng & Ataui Deng

The two Sundanese born fashion models share the same last name, people often link them as family. I don’t see a resemblence but that doesn’t mean anything.

This Little Boy & Jay-Z

The picture of this little boy is internet famous for being the rumored secret-son of Jay-Z.  Is there a resemblance?