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Photo by: Dresswhsle.comJust because you’re dressing for two, it doesn’t mean you can’t take fashion risks. Actually, couples outfits are risky by definition. But the market for matching duds has expanded from Hawaiian shirts to his-and-her harem pants.

Option 2: Throw a luau

This classic look is a great starting point for venturing into matching looks. The traditional Hawaii wedding outfit, circa Frankie and Annette’s heyday. NICE WAY TO FIND EACH OTHER WHILE ON VACATION.


Option 3: Wear stripes

Wear stripesStripes are just androgynous enough to convince either wary sex to enter into a matching outfit. These shockingly cheap sweaters (about $7 a pop) are low-risk ventures. THEY RESEMBLE SIBLINGS INSTEAD OF A COUPLE.


Option 4: Match patterns

Match patternsIn China and South Korea matching couples aren’t novelties, they’re everywhere. The his-and-her dress code has become an unwavering fashion statement that goes beyond the standard matching shirts. HELLO THERE HE/SHE IS TAKEN…DON’T YOU SEE OUR MATCHING PATTERNS!


Option 7: No, like really obnoxious

Or matching shirts that finish each other’s words…but they must be worn together or you’ll give off the wrong impression..lol

Option 8: Go vintage

Go vintage and color coordinate with class. Its still adorable minus the ‘gag’ moment.

Option 14: Be awesome

Be awesomeI saved the best for last. Mel and Joey Schwanke, the pros who’ve been matching for more than three decades, make complimentary dressing look easy.  With 146 custom-made looks in their closet, the Schwankes have it down to a science. Every dress she owns boasts a matching tie for him. But their real secret? She picks the outfits, he goes along with it. …