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Pint-sized Deryck Whibley always needs his hand held when crossing the street. Good thing Jocelyn Aguilar can see over the crowds.


With that shorts and socks combo, Justin Bieber should hide his face in shame.

Did Hulk Hogan raid Lady Gaga’s closet. Hulkmania has gone to the fairies!

Paparazzi hell:

An angry Gerard Butler tries to fight fire with fire and photograph the paparazzi interrupting his lunch.

Marisa Tomei is screaming at the photographers taking her picture.

Even  Suri Cruise is over the snapping and yelling.

Lady Gaga going gangsta on the paps.

Betty White going bizert on Jamie Lee Curtis – WOW!

Donal Trump yells NO CLOSE UPS cuz people can see my face is orange and my hands are pink!

When Naomi Campbell gets this look on her face; put your camera on your back & RUN!!!