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He doesn’t have to when he has so many potential companions around the country. In New York City on Monday, the Patriots wide receiver reached out to his more than 3,000,000 followers seeing if anyone wanted to join him for dinner.

He tweeted: “Dinner in NY tonight –> 1st 200 people at Sylvia’s Restaurant by 7 pm in Harlem. Leave ya money/credit cards at home. I got you this time.”

Despite being in Jets territory, people flocked to the soul food institution. According to the restaurant, they had to turn away about 50 people. Everyone inside got to chow down on some of Sylvia Woods’ comfort food classics. She’s known for her World Famous Talked About Bar-B-Que Ribs and Down Home Fried Chicken, with southern sides like collard greens and candied yams also not to be missed. The restaurant has been a Harlem landmark since it opened in 1962.

The only thing better than a meal by the ‘Queen of Foul Food’ is having it on Ochocinco’s dime. According to TMZ, the total bill for all 200 fans was $7,914. Seems a bit steep at a restaurant where the average entrée is $15, but maybe the wide receiver is a big tipper.  (I guess no one added in drinks & sides – I would’ve gotten a meal to go..lol) It’s certainly not the frist time he’s treated his followers to a night out.

The icing on the cake Monday night was Chad giving his new cell number to all his new ‘family members’. 

Although on Tuesday afternoon, he was upset more people hadn’t actually used it. He went to his Twitter account to let them know: “I gave 200 people my number and only 13 people have texted me. That’s rhino droppings!!! I gave you my number to use it [expletive], let’s go.”

That is rhino droppings. If you were one of the lucky few who dined with Ochocinco at Sylvia’s, the least you could do is drop him a thank you text.