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Actor Robin Thicke arrives at Pharrell Williams' launch for his new liqueur in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, California

Soulful singer Robin Thicke was arrested in New York City today on a charge of criminal possession of marijuana.

Police spotted the “Lost Without You” singer smoking a joint inside of a Cadillac Escalade. One other person was in the car but was not arrested.

Thicke, 34, is the son of “Growing Pains” actor Alan Thicke.

The singer has released five studio albums and is married to actress Paula Patton. The couple have a son, Julian Fuego, 1.

ABCNews.com was unable to reach Thicke’s representative for comment.


*Don’t smoke it in the car, dude … smoke it at home

*Meanwhile, 2 blocks away, there were 3 rapes and a murder. But WE GOT ROBIN THICKE!!

*a soul singer smoking weed…. who woulda thunk it?

*It’s so stupid. Just legalize it already!
Legalize it, tax the crap out of it, and let people decide for themselves. I’m not a fan of it myself — I think it stinks. But it’s no more harmful than alcohol, and its painkilling/nausea killing properties far outweigh any bad parts

*Well thank god they got this monster off the street before he went and got a slice of pizza or something. <—THIS ONE HAS ME ROLLILNG…LMAO!

*a dumb little plant still making headlines.. hard to believe

*Billions of dollars are wasted arresting people for smoking a weed. Legalize it already

*And while the NYPD was man handling Thicke, a crack junkie stole the police cruiser. The cruiser was found in the back yard of a known crack dealers property! It had been fully stripped, pending current investigation no arrests have been made, bysides Mr. Thicke! So glad they got that pot smoker off the streets, he might have hugged someone, SMH

*Imagine if Dunkin Donuts were illegal instead of pot. The entire NYPD force would end up in jail