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Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lo …

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have decided to put their divorce “on hold,” reveals Life & Style. For the surprising reason they’re “dragging their feet” on making their divorce final, and how they plan to give their marriage a second try. THEY SHOULD’VE DID THAT BEFORE THEY STARTED SCREWING OTHER PEOPLE??!!


George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, …

Us Weekly reveals that George Clooney “doesn’t like” Angelina Jolie because he thinks she’s “boring and not great company.” What’s more, says Us, “He does not like to spend time with her,” and prefers hanging alone with Brad Pitt. SHE’S SEEM TO PROTECTIVE OF HIM AND PROBABLY NEEDS A BURGER TO PERK HERSELF UP!


Khloe Kardashian

O.J. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian’s “real dad,” reports the National Enquirer, which reveals the former football great had an affair with Kris Jenner in 1983. The mag even compares photos of Simpson’s daughter, Sydney, and Khloe, to illustrate their “astonishing resemblance.” HAHAHA WOULDN’T THAT BE SOME TRIFLING ISH – CONSIDERING ALL THE BAD STUFF THEY SAID ABOUT HIM.


Rihanna, Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been “secretly hooking up” for a year, reports Us Weekly, which notes that “having these flings without the world knowing has made the hookups even hotter” for the former couple. THIS IS GIRL IS A WALKING MICKEY D’S SIGN – ‘OVER 9 MILLION SERVED’…LET IT GO CHRIS!


Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is “threatening” to leave “American Idol” and “join his old pals Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on ‘The X Factor,’” reports the National Enquirer. The mag says he feels “underappreciated” at “Idol,” and can make more money on “X Factor.” ANYONE CAN HOLD THE MICROPHONE AND INTRODUCE PEOPLE…WHAT SPECIAL TRAIT IS HE BRINGING TO THE TABLE???? PLEASEEEE GO!