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Sun hat? Check. Sunglasses? Check? The rest of Brooke Burke’s body parts below the head exhibited in all its glory? Check.

Kendra Wilkinson used her Hawaiian vacay to show off what great things “Dancing with the Stars” can do for a body.

Guys can show off on the beach too. Check out Zac Efron.

So that’s how Matthew McConaughey stays in such great shape: lifting babies!

Did you know that Gerard Butler does a remarkably accurate impression of Matthew McConaughey?

Judging by her serene expression, moving on from “Real Housewives” has done wonders for Bethenny Frankel. And judging by her figure, her whole diet thing might work after all.

Kelly Rowland may not have become as famous as her Destiny’s Child cohort Beyoncé, but she can’t be mad about looking this good in a bikini.

Ironically, Ciara looked her sexiest in the moments before she covered up.