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Larry Lynn Hensley, 57, of Santa Rosa Beach, is charged with breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and lighting an ironing board and towel on fire , reports the Northwest Daily News in Fort Walton Beach. TAKE THAT, YOU WON’T IRON HIS CLOTHES ON MY IRONING BOARD!!!


Alfred Carter, 28, of East Naples, is accused of pouring a cup of Diet Coke on his girlfriend’s head and throwing items on the driveway and roof of their home, reports the Naples Daily News.  TAKE THIS DIET COKE AND SHOVE  WEAR IT!



Joseph A. Peterson reportedly had gone to the Palatka residence confront his ex-wife’s current boyfriend, according to a news releasefrom the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. 

Peterson allegedly stuck the man several times in the head with a pair of brass knuckles, slashed his tires, and then rammed the victim’s vehicle with his Jeep, according to the release. JUST GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON…YOU CAN’T FORCE SOMEONE TO BE WITH YOU!



And, finally, there is Brendan Duffy, 40, of Golden Gates. He’s is accused of accused of pushing his wife, who was holding their toddler, after she found him drunk and lying in his own urine, reports the Naples Daily News.  I WOULD’VE TRIPPED IN BACK INTO HIS OWN URINE!!!