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Burger King Meat Monster / Courtesy of BurgerKingjapan.co.jp

The Meat Monster (Burger King, Japan)
They usually think of toppings like cheese, bacon, onions and tomatoes.  But the geniuses at Burger King in Japan put all of that on, then decided to throw on a chicken breast for good measure.  mmm
McVeggie / © McDonald'sIndia.com

McVeggie (McDonald’s, India)
Things are a bit different in India. Hinduism, which forbids consumption of beef and pork, is the dominant religion, and vegetarianism is widespread. The result is the rare spectacle of a McDonald’s with no hamburgers. In addition to the standard Filet-O-Fish, you get the Chicken Maharaja Mac and the McVeggie, the latter of which is made from bread, potato, peas, carrots and Indian spices.
The McZüri and McRaclette / © McDonald's.ch

McZüri (McDonald’s, Switzerland)
In October, McDonald’s Switzerland started rolling out experimental new items that cater to local tastes. While the McGrillschnägg — a sausage made from Swiss pork — certainly looks appetizing, the standout for us is the McZüri, made from 100% Swiss veal. Yes, we said veal. The patty is accompanied by mushrooms and caramelized onions.
Paneer Tikka Sub / © 2009 Doctor's Associates/Subway

Paneer Tikka Sub (Subway, India)
its 223 Indian locations aren’t as unrecognizable as McDonald’s Indian restaurants. But there’s the chicken tandoori and tikka subs.  There are plenty of options for vegetarian customers, including the paneer tikka, which the site describes as “cottage cheese slices marinated with barbeque seasoning and roasted to a light crispness.”
Krushers dessert drink / © 2011 KFC

Krushers (KFC, Australia, Germany, South Africa)
KFC locations in Australia, Germany, South Africa and other countries offer a line of dessert drinks known as Krushers, which come in such flavors as mango, strawberry, Kit Kat and Triple Choc Crunch. The drinks are mixed with large chunks of fruit or candy (including sliced-up strawberries and Oreo cookies). To slurp up the chunks, the drinks come with extra-wide straws.
Bubur Ayam McD / © 2004 - 2011 Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn Bhd

Bubur Ayam McD (McDonald’s, Malaysia)
The English-language McDonald’s Malaysia website, the Bubur Ayam McD consists of “juicy chicken strips in mouth-watering porridge, garnished with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chilies . . . just like mum’s cooking!” We’re guessing that this dish won’t be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, but we’d still be curious to try it.
Pizza Hut deliveryman in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / © Viviane Moos/Corbis

Chunky Loaded Pizza (Pizza Hut, Malaysia)
The “pizza” has 10 layers, including two layers of roasted vegetables, a layer of meat (your choice of chicken sausage, salami chicken, chicken loaf or beef cabanossi, a type of sausage) and a topping of mozzarella cheese and tortilla strips. WOW!
Wendy's Rugby Combo / © 2011 Wendco (NZ)

Rugby Combo (Wendy’s, New Zealand)
Down Under, they like beets on their burgers, and that’s what you’ll get if you visit a Wendy’s in New Zealand. The Rugby Combo, a limited-time special, features a burger topped with bacon, egg and beetroot. You can get a side of sweet potato fries, and for dessert grab a passion fruit and lemon pavlova (a type of meringue).