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Debbie Harry amfAR Gala

Punk queen Debbie Harry had on an original dress but what’s with the barely knee high fish stockings??? Does she have on shoes or what???

Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act …

Whoopie Goldberg??? Where the hell did she get this outlandish Harry Potter cape and who the heck let her wear it. This lady is always trying to hide her figure…wth??

Snooki Guidette

Snooki – what is the attraction between Jersey girls and their leopard skin clothes???? She has leopard in every color, cloth and accessory!

Solange Knowles Burberry Body …

Solange Knowles really has me baffled! I don’t understand how one could purposely put two things together that are so wrong and work it like its the best thing since slice bread???

Kate Bosworth CFDA Vogue Fashion …

Kate Bosworth got dressed in the dark! That’s the only rational thinking I can come up with for this outfit.