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Anne Hathaway Private Auc …

Anne Hathaway, wearing this crumpled cap to an Art of Elysium auction at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.  IS THAT HUGE BLUE BALL A PIN TO KEEP THIS SUEDE PIECE OF CLOTH FROM SLIDING OFF HER HEAD?? EPIC FAIL!

 Lindsay Lohan ParisFW

This wrinkled mess of a dress Lindsay Lohan tried to rock while attending Kanye West’s presentation during Paris Fashion Week. I GUESS SHE FIGURED SHE COULD BORROW KANYE’S STEAMER TO GET THE WRINKLES OUT ONCE SHE GOT THERE..LIKE HER DRESS, HER CAREER IS ALSO A TRAGEDY!

Lady Gaga London

IT’S A SHAME WHEN YOU TRY YOUR BEST TO LOOK LIKE A FASHION MISTAKE, Lady Gaga’s aqua colored platform boots are the only thing rocking in her outfit. The sea-foam blush is an EPIC FAIL!

AubryO Day Studio

Aubrey O’Day (Former Danity Kane member) needs to be chased with the fringes on her boots until her fashion sense comes back…HOT MESS!


Tila Tequila Splash Bar

Tila Tequila is trying to make a comeback in her lace stocking ‘pants’ with knee-high boots…SHE NEEDS TO GET BACK ON HER WHITE HORSE (standing behind her) AND RIDE THOSE RUINED STOCKING BACK OUT OF TOWN!!!