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OK Magazine reports:

Justin Timberlake is a nightmare in hotels, reveals OK! According to the magazine, Timberlake is a “germaphobe,” who demands that “air-conditioning filters be changed upon his arrival and all doorknobs disinfected every two hours.” And he’s so high-maintenance, says OK!, that he “books an entire floor wherever he stays,” and “forbids hotel staff to address him, under any circumstances.”

Christina Aguilera demands special treatment whenever she’s on the road, reveals OK! According to the mag, the singer never gets caught in traffic jams because regardless of whether Aguilera is in the U.S. or abroad, she will “make like a visiting head of state and insist on a police escort.”

According to the National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston’s best pal, Courteney Cox, “literally erupted” as soon as she heard about Brad Pitt’s comments in Parade. The mag says Cox immediately “phoned Brad and read him the riot act.” And when Pitt tried to explain, Cox snapped, “I don’t want to hear it.” For what she specifically told Pitt, and how she’s planning to take revenge.


Kim Kardashian has just realized “her marriage is a mistake,” reports Life & Style. The mag says Kardashian is “miserable,” and is now admitting to friends she “didn’t take time to get to know” Kris Humphries better. According to Life & Style, Kardashian is also concerned he’s “using her for her money.” WELL DOLL, GETTING MARRIED FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING MARRIED, IS NEVER A GOOD THING….AND WHERE DID THIS DUDE ACTUALLY COME FROM..ROOTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW!


Angelina Jolie is “secretly addicted to diet pills,” reveals the National Enquirer, which goes on to report how she’s now “a near-skeletal 93 pounds.” The mag says she’s popping pills to “give her energy” needed for “juggling career demands with her humanitarian work and trying to keep up with her rambunctious kids.” I CAN BELIEVE IT, I WAS JUST LOOKING AT HER ITTY BITTY ARMS AND THINKING WOW, SOMEONE NEEDS A BURGER!


Justin Bieber has spent $1 million “to impress his two-years-older girlfriend” Selena Gomez, reveals In Touch. The magazine explains, “Every date is a production, from bodyguards to flowers, private jets to catered meals… Plus, he buys her major gifts.” OLDER MEN NEED TO TAKE A PAGE OUT OF HIS BOOK – WINE & DINE..ITS NOT A DINOSAUR CONCEPT!