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Wynwood Walls is an outdoor street art museum that revitalized Miami’s warehouse district. First introduced to the public at the Miami Art Basel in 2009 by Tony Goldman, who also transformed the SoHo district in NY, downtown Philadelphia and Boston.

Goldman purchased 20 properties in the area in 2004. Back then there were textile factories that pumped life and money thru the area but once those jobs left, the area became a home to the homeless, illegal drugs and prostitution.

Today Goldman, Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, who represents Wynwood, Overtown and Little Haiti, have teamed up to use these art projects to turn this district around. 

This year Goldman turned to arts consultant Medvin Sobio for help, who recommended artists from Mexico, Spain and Ukraine.”The idea is to pay homage to the greatest legends and mix them with the scene’s young super start,” Goldman said.

I am looking forward to this year’s Art Basel. The outdoor street art museum is located at 2528 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami Fl. Hope to see you there.