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The FDNY has welcomed its first transgender firefighter.

Brooke, a third-generation firefighter whose father is still on the job, is the first known transgender woman in the firefighting ranks, according to the New York Post.

The paper chose not to publish her full name.

In a statement to the Post last week, Brooke confirmed her male-to-female transition, saying, “I am appreciative of the support that the FDNY has given me during this time in my life. However, it is my expressed wish that the details of my personal and professional life remain private.”

The firefighter was initially assigned to Ladder 172/Engine 330 in Bensonhurst before she took a desk job at FDNY headquarters, where she works scheduling appointments for recruits, the Post said.

Her family has a long history of firefighting, starting at least three generations ago with Brooke’s grandfather and continuing to her father, an FDNY officer who responded to the twin towers on 9/11.

Department sources told the Post some insensitive colleagues might have a hard time dealing with her transition, but one veteran member said, “especially among those who know the [family], this won’t amount to a hill of beans to them. There’s a lot of respect for the family.”

The FDNY has an LGBT organization, and some department members are openly gay. The department has been actively recruiting for a more diverse force in response to accusations the FDNY used exams that discriminated against minorities.

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