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Chris McAlister (© Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary)

Former Baltimore Ravens player Chris McAlister claims he has to live with his parents despite signing a multimillion-dollar contract worth $55 Million in 2004.  JEEZ, THAT ‘S ALOT OF SQUANDERING AND KNOW HE’S A SQUATTER!

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt (© Charles Sykes/AP)

The married former reality stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, and tabloid staples say they spent all of their money, $10 Million and now have to live in Pratt’s parents’ beach house. Heidi was paid $65,000 per episode on The Hills and they owe $2 Million in taxes. YEAH IT ALL WENT ON HER PLASTIC SURGERIES TO MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER! DUMMIES!
Toni Braxton (© Charles Sykes/AP)
The six-time Grammy winner and reality star, Toni Braxton,  filed for bankruptcy a second time last year after amassing $50 million in debt.  She made $345, 000 on Dancing with the Stars but that didn’t even fill the bottom of the bucket of debt! I GUESS THE THIRD TIME WILL BE THE CHARM!
Scottie Pippen (© Matt Sayles/AP)
The NBA Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen, who lost his money in bad investments and big purchases -$120 Million earnings from Basketball squandered on poor ideas including wasting $4.3 million on a Gulfstream II corporate jet.
He left the courthouse in tears after winning $2 million in a legal malpractice lawsuit case in Chicago in 2010. EYES BIGGER THAN HIS BANK ACCOUNTS!
Sarah Ferguson (© Francois Mori/AP)
The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson who has battled money woes after her $3 million contract with Weight Watchers expired in 2007. The Daily Telegraph in London said Ferguson angrily walked out of the interview after she was caught on tape attempting to sell access of her ex-husband, Prince Andrew for $750,000 to  an undercover reporter. SCANDALOUS!!!
Teresa Giudice (© Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star, Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after accumulating $9 million in debt.  She only makes $3, 333 per episode for the popular TV show. I THINK SHE NEEDS TO RE-NEOGITATE THAT AMOUNT..OR SELL ALL THOSE UNWORN CLOTHES THEY HAVE!!  TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH T HE ‘JONES!!
 Nicholas Cage (© Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
The Oscar winner, Nicolas Cage was forced to put some of his properties on the market after failing to pay $14 Million in taxes for several years.  He made $20 Million for the movie, Gone is 60 seconds..I BET THAT CHECK WAS GONE IN 30 SECONDS…lol
Heidi Fleiss (© Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
The “Hollywood Madam”, Heidi Fleiss, was a multimillionaire when she was busted for tax evasion and money laundering for running a high-dollar prostitution ring. NOW SHE HAS NO MONEY AND NO WOMEN TO SELL.
Kim Basinger (© Universal/Everett / Rex Features)
The Oscar-winning actress, Kim Basinger filed for bankruptcy after an ill-fated attempt to own an entire town, Braselton in Georgia. She headed up an investment group which purchased the entire town for $20 Million. BABY, COMMON SENSE COULD’VE TOLD HER THIS WOULDN’T WORK – THIS IS LIKE BUYING SLAVES – NO ONE OR THING WANTS  TO OR SHOULD BE OWNED!!!