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Iman;Age: 56

She’s Yves Saint-Laurent’s dream woman, is married to David Bowie, has a massive cosmetic company and is one of the most successful supermodels ever. She also looks like she hasn’t aged in 30 years. IMAN’S BODY AND SKIN IS BANGINGLY BEAUTIFUL – SHE’S A BREAK-HOUSE FOR REAL!!!


Christie Brinkley ;Age: 57

From modeling to charity to Swimsuit Issues to a budding career on Broadway, Christie Brinkley shows women everywhere that life just gets better with age. Plus, she’s still one of the most beautiful women in the world. MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE WATER – I’LL TAKE 10 GALLONS PLEASE!!


Madonna;Age: 53

Whatever it is that Madonna does, she continues to defy age and gravity. She has a better bod than most 20-year-olds! SHE’S ALWAYS HAD GREAT MUSCLE TONES!


Sharon Stone;Age: 53

Even after a Hollywood hiatus, Sharon Stone’s overt sexuality in “Casino” and “Basic Instinct” will make her forever legendary.


Jennifer Grey;Age: 51

She may have captured America’s heart as Baby in “Dirty Dancing” almost 30 years ago, but last year she proved that age is just a number, because she’s still got her dancing skills.  ITS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ‘DIRTY DANCING’ IS 30YRS OLD!


Angela Bassett;Age: 53

When you’re a talented actress and have a big heart to boot, life can only get better with age. WOW, JUST WOW!! FROM HER BEAUTIFULLY TIGHT SKIN TO HER RADIANT GLOW!!! WOW!


Reba McEntire;Age: 56

She acts. She sings. She’s got signature red hair and always has a smile on her face. And those are her keys to a successful life. I LOVE ME SOME REBA – HER SMILE IS INFECTIOUS!! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY GIRL!!


Michelle Pfeiffer;Age: 53

What young women everywhere wouldn’t do to have skin like Michelle Pfeiffer’s…<—SAYS IT ALL!



Jamie Lee Curtis;Age: 52

She’s a political activist, a recovering addict and a bold rocker of salt-and-pepper hair. What’s not to love about this new and improved Jamie Lee Curtis? SHE’S HOTTER THAN A SUNNY DAY AT THE BEACH – AND SMOOTHER THAN ACTIVA!! LOL


Goldie Hawn;Age: 65

Goldie Hawn makes an argument for how a bohemian life does a body good. She looks fab, and she’s really happy with her life as a partner, mom and grandma. SHE’S A CLASSIC BEAUTY!



Jane Seymour;Age: 60

Aging hasn’t stood in the way of Seymour’s perpetual beauty or her sexy on-screen role (remember her jaw-dropping scene in “Wedding Crashers”? Yeah, enough said). SHE’S MAKING THE YOUNGER GENERATION LOOK LIKE BABY GERBERS!


Susan Lucci;Age: 64

Being a soup star has its perks, because despite her career as a drama queen, Susan Lucci appears carefree. LMAO..NOW WHO SLIPPED SUSAN ON THIS LIST???? IF YOU JUST CONCENTRATE ON HER FACE – AND NOT HER NECK, SHOULDERS, HANDS, LEGS OR FEET, SHE’LL BE ALRIGHT!!!! 😦  🙂


Oprah;Age: 57

After all the things she’s been through, Oprah continues to make people’s lives, well, awesome by doing good and giving back. Plus, how many women can admit that their mere presence sends fans into fits of tears and screams of joy? EVEN WITH HER YO-YO WEIGHT, SHE’S STILL A CUTIE PIE!