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‘My personal secretary was a very presentable young woman, well educated, neat, and pulled together. After about a year on the job, her wardrobe fell off a cliff: she started showing up in men’s wool pants that looked like they had been pulled from a dumpster and moth-eaten sweaters. It was a crystal clear sign that she no longer cared about the work and needed to move on.”

–Alan, Senior Diplomat

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“Too much skin and too much perfume. One of my sales reps is just shy of inappropriate: Her clothes are stylish and made with quality fabrics, but the skirts are a couple of inches too short, the heels a couple of inches too high, and the camisoles a couple of shades too sheer. A strapless cocktail dress has appeared a few times. I’m not going to complain to HR, but with the party look and the perfume, she makes people uncomfortable.”

–Greg, Financial Services Head of Marketing(Photo: Getty Images)


“When our company first established Casual Fridays, some of the employees took it too far with their Daisy Dukes—the cutoffs that ride very high. HR had to send out a dress code memo. One memorable rule was ‘no cleavage’ – toe cleavage, that is.”

–Stephanie, Money Manager


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“One of our crazy reporters showed up in her wedding dress. And it looked like it had been quite a party—pretty grubby around the edges!”

–Leslie, Newspaper Publisher


“Our summer interns are notorious for their outfits. From bra straps hanging out to hot pants. Thank goodness the bare midriff style seems to have waned. They would wear a cropped top with low cut jeans and a thong peeking out the back! It’s one thing hanging out with your girlfriends, but at your workplace? Come on.”

–Laurie, Film Producer