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Japanese researchers may be on to a cutting-edge treatment to grow your sperm for you. Scientists have, for the first time, successfully grown sperm in a lab using testicular tissue taken from baby mice, according to research published in today’s issue of the scientific journal Nature.  (OPEN MOUTH & VOMIT NOW!!!)

The tissue was cultured on a special nutrient-rich, sponge-like gel, to produce sperm under close lab supervision. And here’s what’s most amazing:   Test-tube sperm were able to successfully impregnate female mice using in vitro fertilization—and produced healthy offspring. 

 However, there are substantial challenges scientists will have to overcome. “The metamorphoses cells go through to become sperm are incredibly complex,” Dr. Turek explains. “The recipe doesn’t just translate from mice to humans.” “I’m cautiously optimistic,” says Paul Turek, M.D., pioneer of several highly effective male fertility treatments and director of the Turek Clinic in San Francisco.

 IN OTHERWORDS, THE BODY OF A HUMAN AND THE HEAD OF A RAT!!!! ewwwww, I’d rather my man go spermless~