Polk County deputies arrested 60 people, including a Disney worker, during a week-long operation targeting on-line prostitution.  Deputies arrested 36 women and 24 men, including many Central Florida residents and several from out-of-state.

“Some arrived alone. Some car-pooled; and some arrived in taxis, bringing along their CHILDREN, CONDOMS, AND STDs,” Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement.  “Detectives targeted online escort services who promote prostitution…Detectives saw a 15-year-old run-away who brought her infant child along, a pregnant woman, a school bus driver, gang members, and pimps.”   The 15-year-old runaway from Chicago who arrived at the undercover location with her pimp and 2-month-old child. The alleged pimp, Jonathan Padilla, and the baby stayed in the car while the girl went to meet the undercover officers

Also arrested is Hector Febus-Ojeda, an Orlando man with breast implants; whom detectives negotiated a sex act for $300. “Upon arrival Ojeda revealed his breast implants to the undercover detective,…YOU LIKEY MY TITTIES???”

Among those arrested was Travis Hill of Davenport, who said he worked for Disney as an audio technician. Hill was charged with one count of solicitation.  COME ONE COME ALL, MEN WITH BREATS, LADIES WITH CHILDREN (MAYBE THE DISNEY AUDIO TECH HAS A LULL-A-BY FOR THEM)!!!!